My Bucket List – to actually do things on my bucket list! 

I’m keeping this blog post nice and simple! 

So to celebrate turning 45 I’ve jotted down a few things I’d really like to do before my time on earth here is done! 

Don’t forget to comment if you’ve done any of these things already or share some of your own bucket list “to do’s”! 

  1. To live in Hawaii for a while (preferably longer than three months);  
  2. To renew my vows after 20 years of marriage (in Hawaii – no surprises there) – 7 years to go (and to have my 17yo son walk me down the isle)  
  3. To build a house from scratch (I’m 45 yrs old and still haven’t done that);   
  4. To renovate an old beach shack, preferably located within a stone’s throw from the beach;  
  5. To Pack up the family and travel around Australia (planning it as we speak);  
  6. To write a children’s book;  
  7. To run two more marathons (New York and Great Wall of China – ouch)  
  8. To be a feature writer specialising in Brain Health for a Lifestyle Magazine (any offers out there?);  
  9. To watch my children, enter the workforce doing something that they love;  
  10. To continue to age POSITIVELY.  
  11. To see first-hand the power and force of the waves at PIPELINE or WAIMEA BAY. Love that beach;  
  12. To learn to play “New York State of Mind” on the piano – Just like Billy Joel.  
  13. To have Ian Thorpe come for Sunday Night Curry. I’ve always loved Thorpey and welcome him at my house ❤️ANYTIME❤️ 
  14. To introduce Brain Healthy curriculum into schools;  
  15. To make more memories every day (good and bad) – with this guy! ❤️ 

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List – to actually do things on my bucket list! 

  1. Refreshing to see a different type of bucket list than the normal visit this country or that country or “wonders of the world”. I have no doubt Jen that you will achieve most of these in your lifetime.

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