Random Memories that Make Me Smile 😀

A Smile or a Grimace

As I emerged from the last creek crossing with shoes filled with tiny pebbles and a heart heavy with exhaustion I came over the minuscule  (compared to what I’d just mountaineered ) rise in the road to see colourful flags and finishing line paraphernalia! I could now officially see the finishing line!
The smile that emerged as I ran towards the supportive crowd was one filled with an acknowledgement of achievement! It was relief, joy, accomplishment and gratitude all rolled into one! A smile that was cast to the crowd to demonstrate what it really means to be happy! That finishing line was truly a sight to behold! The cheer from the crowd and the words of encouragement were all part of the smile-worthy moment but it was the vision of the finishing line getting closer that truly gave way to the wrinkle (and dimple) revealing smile that day! It was a smile that resembled more of a Grimace than that of a full blown Cheesy grin!

Photo : old exhausted lady crossing the finish line

So what makes a “smile-worthy” moment? 

A smile worthy moment can happen at any given time of the day. It can be a fleeting moment while I’m driving and I see the traffic light in front of me turn green or the sight of my daughter parading around in my high heels …..or seeing the perfect wave build up in front of me and realising that there’s no one else to catch it but me!!! Holy heck … The “smile-moment” has all of a sudden made way for a “yeeow!!!”

Sometimes there’s no one else around to catch these autonomous smiles but these are truly quite often the best ones! We take our sight for granted but how many moments during the day do you “see“something that makes you smile?

Fake v’s Real

Photo: fake or real?

As I walk past someone in the street and make awkward eye-contact…I smile! It’s a little bit fake but it’s a smile none-the-less! As we pose in front of a camera we’re often asked to smile – but really? As I take a look at all the “selfies” on my phone I’m confronted with the most fakest of smiles that often don’t depict the happiness I am truly feeling! Some people are fantastic at faking a smile but I just can’t do it! Emotions (in general) are really hard to fake and I’m not the type of person who feels the need to pretend that I’m feeling happy when I’m actually feeling like crap!

Things I see that make me smile! 

So…. What things did you see today that brought a smile to your dial?

I saw the snow capped mountains as I flew out of Queenstown! (Smile and sigh).I saw my husband walk into our hotel room with a coffee for me (smile and yay). I saw my kids run towards me for a cuddle (big big smile and big big yay).

A smile – a sign of gratitude.

Something that makes me smile one day may not even register the next! I guess it really depends on my mood at the time and weather or not I’m open to feelings of gratitude that day! After all – isn’t smiling simply a sign of gratitude rather than happiness? No one can take away the fact that the more moments of gratitude culminates in greater levels of happiness! And more smiles……..

What “Floats my Boat” may not “Float Yours”

 Photo: pretty photo (floating boats)

What floats my boat (Boat Floaters)

  1. Running a marathon on the Great Wall of China; 
  2. The sound of the waves as i go to sleep at night;
  3. A raging thunder storm on a hot summers afternoon;
  4. Ian Thorpe;
  5. A beach shack (holiday home) at Belongil Beach;
  6. Jennifer Lawrence – hair envy;
  7. A day-long massage;
  8. Working in a cruisey delicatessen;
  9. Movie night at gold class;
  10. An uninterrupted nights sleep.

There’s no denying that what constitutes a “smile worthy” moment for me – may not do the same for you! We are all unique specimens with varying levels of motivations and personalities! What “floats my boat” may not “float yours” but at the end of the day – it’s acknowledging the truly unique indivualised smilable moments that will keep this world from going stark raving mad!!!! So here’s what I pose for you! After you’ve read my “Top 5 Smilable” moments – I challenge you to compile your own list! Smiling is contagious – so let’s get this smile fest happening right now! There’s no time like the present!

My top 5 – Things I see that make me smile!

In no particular order

1) Seeing my mum smile – as I walk through the security doors to visit my mum at a local aged care facility I’m met with trepidation! She can no longer walk/talk or communicate but as soon as she sees me and smiles my day is complete! I am glad that there’s been a moment in her day that has made her smile! Like I said – smiling is contagious!

Photo: My mums smile at my engagement party (2002)
2) Watching my son dance – weather it be watching him piroette around the house or performing on stage, I can never hold back from smiling! The mere fact that he is clearly doing what he loves without any level of hesitation makes me smile! Like I said – happiness is contagious! What’s not to smile about!  

Photo: Jules at 2015 Gold Coast Eistedfod 

3) Seeing my kids enjoy the ocean – there is no better vision than watching my two kids run eagerly into the ocean and dive under the waves! Better still… Watching them dive under bigger waves and make attempts to body surf them in! I get a great sense of achievement from knowing that my kids are competent swimmers and enjoy the ocean! For me.. The ocean is where I’m truly “at home” so seeing them play and dive and splash and be happy in the ocean brings me a great joy. When this happens  – I smile A LOT! 😀😀

Photo: no kids in this shot but the ocean looks amazingly smile worthy

4) Nailing a reverse parallel park in front of a cafe full of male cyclists (Yessssss) – there’s no better reason to smile when you absolutely “shit-in” the reverse parallel park – better still when you do it in front of men! Need I say more. My reverse parallel parking instructor taught me well (way back when)! Thanks mum!

 Photo: nailed it! 

5) Hearing my husband say that he wants to spoil me for the rest of my life – Yep, he’s a keeper! Need I say more! 😀

 Photo: a guy in “skins” – yup “he’s a keeper”!

Looks as though I’ve got every reason to smile for many many years ahead!

What things did you see today that made you smile?





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