Camping-The good, the bad and the goddamn awful! 

My Love/Hate relationship with camping! 

Buckle up…. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s twisty and turny and you’re gonna get a little wet! But it’s worth it! 👍👎🏿

This location looks pretty amazing! It’s fairly reminiscent of Moreton Island during my 20’s when all I could afford was a dodgy  2 man tent and an even dodgier blow up mattress! Ah…. Those were the days! 

This location has all the ingredients for a relaxing getaway! It’s shady, the water is crystal clear, the fish are biting and ready to be cooked on the makeshift fire on the sand! You have a good book and a hammock! There is no one else around! Ahhhhh… There’s nothing like the sound of solitude! 

As I close my eyes listening to the crackling fire I am transformed to a place of complete bliss!  The cicadas step aside to make way for the crickets! The crickets hide their wings and voices to make way for the rolling sound of thunder and the spattering sound of those first heavy drops of rain! 

Maybe not so pristine after all!   

What sort of camper are you?

You may prefer a tent, a swag, a camper or a caravan but camping is one of those “not-so-luxurious” pastimes that create lasting memories! 

For some, the negative aspect of camping is enough to drive them away and never come back! 

  • The midgies bite;
  • The mozzies buzz;
  • The rain tumbles;
  • The wind blasts;
  • The ground gets sloshy;
  • The feet get dirty;
  • The showers get cold;
  • The water gets sharks;
  • The fish stop biting;
  • The coffee gets bitter;
  • The tolerance wanes;
  • The skin gets burnt and
  • The cold sores appear! 

Some decide to avoid these horrible camping experiences altogether and opt for a stay at home holiday resort instead! It makes sense… But.. It’s just not me! 

The above list of negatives provide for a whole lot of character building and even more appreciation for the pristine moments that only ever exist when you camp! These are the actual joys of camping! The ones that make you appreciate the good times and prepare you for the goddamn awful! 

Queen size bed to the rescue! 👍 

My days of 2 man tents and blow up mattresss have made way for camper trailers, kids and queen sized beds! 

Thank god I have a comfortable queen sized mattress in my 2nd hand camper trailer! A good nights sleep keeps me on track to tackle the good and bad that lays ahead! It’s my refuge from the cold, the dodgy neighbours (not you Jonesy), the wet soggy muddy ground, and howling southerly winds that continually slap against the storm cover! My queen sized bed is where a good book gets devoured and where a good nights sleep is guaranteed! 
Camping brings on so many conflicting emotions! The great, the bad, the awesome, the ugly and (depending on the time of the month), a hormone infused craziness! 

Perfect Timing

I couldn’t contain my joy when I realised that this years annual Christmas camping trip was NOT going to co-incide with the dreaded monthly hormone attack (yay)!This year was going to be a good one! The one where mummy was going to remain the relaxed “laid-back-go-with-the-flow” mummy,  not the “crazy-bitch-oh-my-goodness-why is she-sobbing?” mummy! Thumbs up for Christmas camping trip 2015! It’s gonna be a good one 👍. 

Serious case of “tarp” and “caravan-envy”

Exhibit a – not ours! 

Let it be known that the above photo is nothing like what we have… But as much as I’d like to have a cute little vintage Art Deco caravan that’s all decked out with the cutest curtains and fabrics, I am actually completely happy with our trusty ‘ole 2nd hand camper trailer. It’s one of those ones that flips out to the side and has an amazing amount of space! It’s a bit messy-looking but it’s us! 

Exhibit b – ours!
Camping is where I let it all hang out! I don’t set the table, I don’t make my bed, I care less if my clothes aren’t ironed or that my hair is tied up for the 5th day running (cause I really can’t be stuffed washing it). I live in my swimmers which sometimes double up as underwear at night!  My care factor reaches an annual all-time “low”!

The Simple Things

We go without all the usual mod-cons and survive quite nicely on solar power! How eco friendly is that? The only thing I kinda miss is  my “Nutri-bullet” but I’ve decided not to leave it behind next time so that my daily dose of healthy brain food  isn’t substituted by eggs and bacon everyday! Variety is the spice of life so my healthy morning “smoothies” will be back on the menu next camping trip! My Nutri-bullet rocks and is an electrical luxury that I’m not willing to go without! My brain depends on it! 

Exhibit c – the only kitchen contraption I own! 

Daily Chores – what are they? 

My only daily chore is washing up! That’s it!! How good is that? Oh, and I also sometimes make the beds but that’s only if I feel the need for a little tidying up or decluttering! I take a great deal of pleasure from seeing the interior tidy although it’s usually short lived due to wrestling matches on the beds and 20 changes of clothing by my 8yo! Every inch of spare floor has evenly distributed size 8 clothes! None of them mine! I don’t wear size 8! 

Laziness v’s Selective Participation


I’m extremely fortunate to have a husband who doesn’t demand too much of me whilst camping! He’s the camping buff that loves to make sure everyone is relaxed and having a good time! He’s a rare breed that wakes up happy and goes to sleep happier! He makes camping trips a haven for complete laziness on my part! If I wasn’t training for a marathon I’d be pretty much comatosed with laziness! He sure as hell makes for a chore free holiday! How lucky am I!!! 

I do make sure, however that a certain level of hygiene is maintained! I’m relaxed but like to make sure that my kids teeth are brushed twice a day and that they hop into bed having showered. If they’re showered before bed it means that the sheets don’t need washing as often! Win win! 
I’m definitely a low maintenance kind of girl! I think camping brings out the low maintenance in me! I don’t think high maintenance and camping are at all compatible! I have one pair of  Kmart thongs that are my oldest and dodgiest. Apart my from Asics DS Trainers, they’re the only shoes that I opt to wear! 
The problem I have with camping is that it doesn’t happen often enough! We have been only three times this year therefore a huge amount of pressure transcends onto those few days of camper trailer comfort! The only thing that gets in the way, is THE WEATHER! 

A howling northerly, an electrical storm, days of drizzle or some crappy surf can make for an emotionally charged holiday and that’s all before the PMT hits terra firma! 

After all that is about to happen, I am still convinced that camping is the perfect way to spend a family holiday! But it definitely helps to have a “glass is half full” type of personality! 

Live In The Moment #1 – Tracks to the sand! 


Oh….. the joy of finding that lonely track to the beach! The anticipation of seeing what the surf is like and weather or not the temperature of the water is going to entice my kids into hours of beach and surf fun! 

 Live in the moment #2 – finding solitude and a warm tidal pool to laze about in. 

We often go off the beaten track In our 4WD in search of new locations! We find a track, follow it for a while and see where we end up! Once we ended up at a nudist colony (which still exist by the way)! Not this time however! 

We find secluded beaches, roll out the awning for shade,  throw the frisbee and munch on whatever we’ve got in our U-Beaut #Waeco 50l car fridge! Chicken and salad rolls today (left over from Christmas Lunch) Yummo! 

 Living in the moment #3 – finding friendly wildlife!  
Can you believe that this big guy resides out the back of our campsite! Only in Australia! Our camp site is unique! 

As I lay under a shady tree in my hammock listening to the meditative sound of the waves -I am transcended into complete relaxed mode and doze off thinking ….. Oh wait! I’ve stopped thinking! Zzzzzzzzz

Dreams or Reflections? 

Where is the place that you really switch off? Where is the place that you contemplate life? Where is the place where you become grateful and appreciate all the small things that really matter? 

I am lucky that I have found numerous places where I can do all of these things and camping (in nature) is one of these places! But hey…. I’m back at home now, doing my chores, writing blogs and living a life that’s pretty special! 

Everyday is an adventure!  The good, the bad and the goddamn awful! Camping is the perfect place to experience all those things! 

How good is that? ❤️Jen



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